Meet the Core Team 

At the heart of and underpinning the CLAHRC is the Core Team, who drive our core principles and ensure that the CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber is more than the sum of our parts.
The Core Programme Team will help to ensure the ongoing development, progress and success of the whole initiative. We hope that every individual project within CLAHRC will have a positive impact. However, the success and sustainability of CLAHRC will be largely measured by the success of the initiative rather than the individual projects taking place within it. The Core Programme Team will help to ensure CLAHRC’s impact through the following:

Leadership and management The Core Team is responsible for planning our strategies, with guidance and approval from the Strategic Board. Our Strategic Board will include senior representatives from our partner organisations. Our Director will chair our Executive Board, which will be constituted of the Theme Lead from each theme, representatives from our host organisation, and the Core Team.
Raising our profile nationally and internationally
Each theme will engage in their own profile raising activities. The Core Team will not duplicate this effort, but will take a wider approach to raising our profile. Once we have established a recognisable identity, we will endeavour to ensure that we are recognised as an effective initiative for applied research, implementation and capacity development activities.

Working together, enablement and flexibility
A vital part of the central management of our initiative is being aware of the activities of our parts. In the NIHR CLAHRC for South Yorkshire initiative we developed a customised reporting system based on PRINCE2 principles. Each theme within NIHR CLAHRC YH will participate in a quarterly reporting system that will enable the Core Team to monitor theme activities, support learning between themes, and help themes to recognise where opportunities for beneficial cross-theme working may lie. We actively encourage themes to develop new projects and investigate where mutual benefit can be derived from the adoption of relevant external projects. Being part of the CLAHRC enables themes to conduct innovative health service projects that may not otherwise have been possible.
Our CLAHRC includes many cross-theme and multi-disciplinary projects in which individuals from different backgrounds are engaged.
We work collaboratively with other sectors and organisations for mutual benefit. One of the CLAHRC YH’s principles is co-production, which means truly collaborative partnership working to generate research outputs and healthcare service changes.
  • Collaborative working with NHS providers and commissioners
  • Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
  • Collaborative working with local authorities (LAs)
  • Collaborative working with industry
  • Collaborative working with other NIHR and NHS Innovation Infrastructure
  • Collaborative working with charities
Capacity development
To assist our partner organisations in making the most of the research opportunities offered by the CLAHRC and in seeking out their own independent opportunities, we will help selected partners to audit and build upon their capacity to undertake research using the Auditing Research Capacity (ARC for CLAHRC) tool and associated toolkit of resources.Great value can be added to research by involving individuals who would not ordinarily engage in research. We encourage cross-theme working within the CLAHRC, PhD studentships, Masters studentships and secondments of appropriate staff into and out of the CLAHRC. 
We will encourage and support staff in applying for external funding. We will run events, workshops and seminars for the CLAHRC’s members, and encourage people to make use of resources from our partner organisations. We will also strive to support people between contracts, thereby helping enable talented 
researchers to maintain and develop a career.
Quality assurance (QA)
It is important that all of CLAHRC’s activities stand up to scrutiny for scientific rigour and quality. We have several approaches to ensuring the quality of CLAHRC projects.
  • Scientific Advisory Panel of external experts
  • Internal evaluation
  • Independent Scientific Review of all research projects
Intellectual property rights (IPR)
As the CLAHRC progresses we have the potential to generate commercially valuable intellectual property. We are keen to build upon and protect our IPR for future healthcare practices, sustainability of our impacts, and the longevity of the 
One of our funding partners is Medipex, who assist us in recognising and utilising our opportunities in the complex area of IPR. The Core Team is the first point of contact for themes wishing to discuss IPR. We will also generate non-commercial intelectual property. We hope to sign an agreement to share research information and practices between organisations whilst participants and each organisation.
The sharing of information and practices is extremely valuable in contributing to the spread of innovation through the NHS and higher education.
There are several aspects to our sustainability. The implementation activities within the CLAHRC themes will be undertaken with the AHSN and the involvement of frontline healthcare staff and patients, along with ongoing training and education to ensure that changes to practices and services are long-term.

Our focus on building research capacity also ensures that we will leave a lasting impact through increased research activity and improved research infrastructure and processes within partner organisations, and through the ongoing research approaches of individuals involved in the CLAHRC. We will develop a strategy around sustainable funding through grant capture and with other business and charity models.