Strategic Partnership Board 
Partner institutions, as defined by the Secretary of State definition of partners, see below, will be represented on the Strategic Board by senior leaders e.g. Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers, VCs and Deans with the exception of industry partners who will be represented on specific theme steering groups. Representatives from other NIHR infrastructure organisations including the CRN and the RDS will have representation. 

These representatives will in turn be accountable to their institutional boards. 

The Strategic Partnership Board will oversee the good governance of the programme and the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber Director, Professor Sue Mawson will be accountable to the Strategic Partnership Board. 

The Strategic Partnership Board will have responsibility for assuring the NIHR and the partner organisations of delivery of the agreed Theme projects to time and within the financial plan, based on the reports provided by the Director. The Director will be a full Board member as will a senior representative of the host institution.
Board meetings will be held quarterly initially (to be reviewed after 12 months) with the first taking place shortly after the contract has been initiated in January 2014. The Board will participate in the annual review process.

Contract clauses linked to Partners/Collaborators

The contract from the Secretary of State for Health provides the following definitions:
  • Partner(s) – means any or all of the organizations named by the Contractor in the Application and set out in Schedule C who will provide Matched Funding and work with the Contractor to deliver the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care.
  • Collaborator – means any person or organization who works with the Contractor or Partners on the Research being done under this contract.

Our Strategic Partnership Board Chair is Lord Wills of Knaresborough (photo right)

The Chair of the Board should fulfill the following criteria:
  • Extensive and successful experience in working across multiple health and/or social care organisations
  • Independent of any Partner organisation, or direct involvement in any on going business, service provision or research activities with employees at any Partner organisation
  • Experience of effective senior management and chairing boards
  • Knowledge and understanding of the policies affecting the health and social care landscape