Vision and Principles

Our Vision: We will undertake high quality applied research and evidence based implementation that is responsive to, and in partnership with, our collaborating organisation, patient, carers and the public. 
The outcome being an improvement in both the health and wealth of the population of Yorkshire and Humber.

Our Principles

Engagement: We believe that meaningful engagement delivers successful collaboration that has an impact. Through communicating our passion for the work we do, we will develop ownership of the CLAHRC YH within individuals and organisational partners.

Co-production: We believe that all people have a right, if they wish, to be involved in the organisation and delivery of health and health research. Through co-production we will support the key stakeholders in our work to contribute to the development of better knowledge, healthcare services and products.

Capacity building: We believe that people are innovative and if empowered can reach their potential. Through our capacity building work we will support individuals, teams and organisations to increase their research activity, and through this, the health and wealth of Yorkshire and Humber.

Addressing health inequalities: We believe that everyone has an equal right to be as healthy as they can be and have equal access to healthcare. Through implementing our Health Inequalities strategy we will strive to reduce inequalities.