4.3 Healthy Children and Healthy Families 17th April 2018

Thank you! 

For attending or showing an interest in this first knowledge exchange workshop for people interested in giving every South Yorkshire child the best start in life. 

We hope that the day or this information here triggers the start of an ongoing conversation between academics in the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber and the 0 -19 services across South Yorkshire. 

Our aim is to make the most of the research evidence and practice wisdom in the region, and to blend this knowledge together for the benefit of children and their families. 


Welcome from the Director of Public Health, Sheffield

Born in Bradford: Collecting and using routine data to inform decision making services, research and evaluation.

ACE and future health:  what are the issues

Parenting Programmes: What works for whom, under which circumstances? Messages for commissioners and practitioners

Promoting better oral health in children

How to identify and support children with Neurodevelopment disorders in school?

This workshop is an opportunity to share what services are doing and to learn from each other. To this end we have asked practitioners and services to share their innovative practice by submitting a brief description of these developments within this booklet produced for the day. 

There are examples from across the whole region, and makes very interesting reading. All contributors have included their contact details in order to instigate an active and vibrant network.

Our intention is to continue to update the booklet so that we have a resource of all projects across Yorkshire and Humber. 


On the day we asked all our delegates to take part in Ipledge and we will be following their pledges up in 2 months time to see what progress they have made. 

Enhance our own initiatives in........

Access CLAHRC to promote our projects

Start a conversation in....on what it means to us...

Feedback to our team and have discussions where we can move forward

Identify research opportunities in practice