LARK - Local Authority Research linK

Local Authority Research linK (LARK)

This role has developed from the Health Inequalities research around understanding the Health and Wellbeing priorities with Yorkshire and Humber. The aim of this work was to develop a regional platform for research priority setting and project development with a focus on tackling health inequalities.

Therefore supporting the local authorities to:

  • Identify evidence gaps
  • Access and work with academics to develop research proposals and carry out research
  • Build research capacity in your Local Authority
  • Develop a research strategy
  • Access secondment opportunities

The aim of a Local Authority Research linK (LARK) is to support an ongoing, two-way communication exchange between the Collaboration and Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) and the Local Authority (LA) in which they geographical based.  This ensures meaningful engagement between the researchers in the CLAHRC Y&H and the Local Authorities in the region.

The role of the LARK is to:

  • Increase access to training and continuing professional development
  • Increased access to evidence based resources to inform practice
  • Increase involvement in projects that could have an impact on the health and well-being of local populations
  • Support access to grant and research income into the LA
  • Have a say in what and how research gets conducted in the region
  • Will be the main point of contact within the LA in which they are based and CLAHRC. The will receive email updates on CLAHRC activity through a CLAHRC email      bulletin 
  • Advocate and contribute to raising the CLAHRC profile and widening ongoing engagement across Local Authorities
  • To attend Public Health Local Authority CLAHRC meeting three times a year
  • Support appropriate engagement in CLAHRC research and research implementation activity that is relevant and useful to their organisation
  • Support coordination of research priority setting activity
  • Disseminate CLAHRC research findings, learning events, and actionable tools within their organisation
  • Co-ordinate feedback on the usefulness of learning events, actionable tools and other implementation activities
  • Identify key participants for engagement in research and implementation projects
  • Support the coordination of CLAHRC activities and share good practice from CLAHRC into their LA
  • Support the core team and the CLAHRC themes to support applications for further funding
  • Additionally, some LARKs are acting as ‘research champion’ and are working with CLAHRC to build research strategy for their organisation. 


The contact details for the Yorkshire and Humber Local Authority Research linK (LARK) are:


LARK contact



Louise Brewins

North Lincolnshire

Louise Garrett

East Riding 

Tim Allison


Andrew O'Shaughnessy


Dean Wallace

North Yorkshire

Jenny Loggie


Jo Abbott


Susan Hampshaw


Rebecca Clarke


Shane Mullen


Alison Patey,


Shola Bolaji


Nick Sinclair





Helen Bewsher