NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber: the story 2014-2019

The message of our film is to demonstrate that NIHR CLAHRC YH has:

  • been a collaboration
  • is more than the sum of its parts
  • made a difference to people across Yorkshire and Humber
  • produced high quality research

The film has an introduction and a final message which summarises the work we have carried out over the last five years and below you can see a case study from each of our Themes. 

NIHR CLAHRC YH Introduction

NIHR CLAHRC YH Impact and Legacy


Our Themes - a case study snapshot

Avoidable Attendance and Admissions

Evidence Based Transformation with the NHS

Health Economics and Outcomes Measurement


Healthy Children, Healthy Families

Mental Health and Comorbidities

Primary Care-based Management of Frailty in Older People


Public Health and Inequalities

Telehealth and Care Technologies

Translating Knowledge into Action

Our Principles

Public Involvement

Research Capacity Building

Addressing Health Ineqaulities