National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) 

Collaborative partnerships between the National Health Service, public services and Higher Education Institutions, focused on improving patient outcomes through the conduct and application of applied health research and evidence-based implementation.

The CLAHRCs were set up to improve patient outcomes across the geographical area covered by the Collaboration through three key interlinked functions:

• conducting high quality applied health research, 

• implementing the findings from research into clinical practice, 

• increasing the capacity of NHS organisations to engage with and   undertake applied health services research.  

CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber 

Our vision

We will undertake high quality applied research and evidence-based implementation that is responsive to, and in partnership with, our collaborating organisation, patient, carers and the public. The outcome being an improvement in both the health and wealth of the population of Yorkshire and Humber.

Our principles 

Engagement, Co-production, Capacity Building and

Addressing Health Inequalities

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NIHR CLAHRC YH launches Industry Briefing

This briefing showcases not only our ways of working with industry partners but also how we are having an impact locally and nationally. 

The CLAHRC Vision is to understand health care and health service needs and how they can be addressed and transformed by digital technologies as we strive to achieve the three key aims
of the NHS safety, quality and cost effective care