Triple Helix

Innovation programme infrastructure for commissioner/providers within the
Yorkshire and Humber Region: ensuring strategic localism through a Triple Helix Partnership.

Harnessing existing Infrastructure; the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and the National Institute for Health Research, Collaboration for Applied Research and Health Care in Yorkshire and Humber (NIHR CLAHRC YH) working in partnership with the YH Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will support the Department of Health’s vision for strategic localism.

The overall vision of the YH AHSN is to harness the social capital of the NHS, higher education, industry and third sector partners across the region in order to reduce inequalities in population health, improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health services and establish a wealth creation system focused on medical technology that will contribute to economic growth within the regional.

The AHSN is uniquely positioned to accelerate the uptake of research findings into public health and healthcare practice by fostering collaboration between researchers, the NHS and industry.  Through establishing innovative and creative approaches to mobilising knowledge, the AHSN will be able to drive improvements in public health, service delivery and patient care thereby enabling the adoption and spread of evidence-based innovation. The newly awarded NIHR CLAHRC YH themes, Translating Knowledge to Action (TK2A) and Telehealth and Care (TaCT) are a key enabling mechanism in achieving these ambitions.

The NIHR CLAHRC YH represents a partnership between the Universities of Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield and York, NHS, charities and industry partners across Yorkshire and Humber with a remit to undertake high quality applied health research targeted on chronic disease and public health interventions support the implementation of research findings and build capacity for research and implementation in partner organisations. The CLAHRC will add value to health and healthcare across YH through step change in the way that applied health research is carried out and research evidence is implemented.

There is clear complementary between the strategic objectives of the CLAHRC YH and the Improvement Academy of the AHSN in their remit of translating research and learning into practice. The CLAHRC will harness the expertise of internationally renowned researchers from YH universities working in areas of direct relevance to the AHSN goals for improving population health (for example maternal and child health, healthy ageing, mental health, diabetes, stroke and transforming care (for example telehealth) as well as provide expertise in implementation science to support the rapid translation of research findings into practice.

Professor Sue Mawson