Connected cities EUC dataset

There is increased demand on A&E departments across the UK.  The services are becoming stretched and as a result waiting times are increasing and patient care is suffering.

By linking together patient data from different hospitals and services across Yorkshire, researchers are able to build a more complete picture of how accident and emergency services in the region function.

This picture will help researchers understand the flow of patients through A&E departments, to understand what the most common health issues are and to better plan community services in the future.  The anonymous data can help scientists understand A&E services across an entire city and suggest improvements in a much more synchronised way.

Health service managers will also be able to understand how one A&E department in Yorkshire compares to another.  By re-using existing data researchers will also allow hospitals to learn lessons from each other so that each local service can improve and deliver better care for its patients.

In the future, this information will help researchers to plan ahead and forecast disease outbreaks.  The data used will, over time, tell a story that will help deliver better and more targeted care.