Avoiding Attendance and Admission in Long Term Conditions


20 March Sue Mason comments on AAA in The Times, Helplines needlessly send a million to A&E (paywall)

03 November 2016 Center for URgent an Emergency care research (CURE) Launch Event, ScHARR, University of Sheffield

20-22 September 2016 RCEM Conference

14 June 2016 Sue Mason giving a talk on the Acute Care of the Elderly at SMACC 2016 (Dublin).

01 March 2016 Poster 'Evaluation of a Triage Intervention for Ambulance Service Patients with Mental Health Problemsby A.Irving, R.O’Hara, M.Johnson (University of Sheffield),  A.Harris, K.Baker (YAS NHS Trust) won best prize for 'research most likely to affect practice' at EMS999 Conference 2016.

23 February 2016
 CLAHRC YH Avoiding Attendance and Admission project team is presenting their research at EMRiS Research Day (ScHARR, University of Sheffield). The themes of the event are: Developing Research Collaborations and Developing the Next Generation of Researchers.  
17 November 2015 Advisory Group Meeting: Avoiding Attendance and Admission in LTC theme, NIHR CLAHRC YH. This AG meeting is focused on routine data analysis work. The project research team has received service data from all participating Trusts. Data linkage and data analysis process is currently under way.

22 October 2015 Sue Mason presented our theme to Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Board: "First regional comprehensive dataset of EUC: A research platform of routine ‘big data’ to inform research and service redesign."

Sue Mason spoke about the challenges facing the Emergency Department.

13 October 2015 The AEC conference, London

Beyond the Directory - the Sheffield ModelSusan Croft spoke about  some of the challenges of developing Ambulatory Emergency Care in a large, split site, super-specialised Trust and going beyond the traditional clinical pathway model of Ambulatory Emergency Care to assess and measure further opportunities.

28-30 September 2015 RCEM Annual Scientific Conference

AAA team presenting posters and talks  

AAA Team at RCEM Conference 2015

Previous News and Events

26 May 2015 Advisory Group Meeting: Avoiding Attendance and Admission in LTC theme, NIHR CLAHRC YH

19 May 2015 Management Group Meeting: Avoiding Attendance and Admission in LTC theme, NIHR CLAHRC YH

April 2015 New collaborations: 

1. A joint project with Yorkshire Ambulance Service around Mental Health Triage: 3-4 months evaluation of MH nurses operating in a control centre at YAS to reduce transport rates and subsequent visits to hospitals. 

Principal investigator: Dr Rachel O’Hara, ScHARR, The University of Sheffield 

2. A joint project with Doncaster Royal Infirmary around ambulatory care-related conditions and developing ambulatory care pathways. 

Principal investigator: Professor Sue Mason, ScHARR, The University of Sheffield

25 March 2015 The Royal College of Emergency Medicine – Annual Spring CPD Event

Sue Mason, Professor of Emergency Medicine, ScHARR, The University of Sheffield: “Top Ten papers from 2014” and “Managing anticoagulated patients following head injury: The AHEAD Study”

18 March 2015 Best Practice & Research in the ED: Focus on Senior Doctor Triage

Best Practice and Research in the ED - Flyer

AHSN workshop for ED consultants and staff to instigate a round-table discussion about Senior Doctor Triage. The Workshop also covers topics of NIHR CLAHRC YH Avoiding Attendance

Emergency departments are facing unprecedented pressures.  There is no easy ‘quick fix’ to deal with the challenges the urgent care system is facing nor a ‘on- size-fits-all‘ solution but with an increase in patient demand and limited resources and capacity, the need to manage and improve Emergency Department throughput has never been greater. and Admission in LTC theme

21 January 2015 CEM Academic Trainee Day. Sue Mason, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Sheffield "The role of the College in supporting EM academic trainees"

6 January 2015 Advisory Group Meeting: Avoiding Attendance and Admission in LTC theme, NIHR CLAHRC YH 

16 December 2014 King's Fund Urgent and Emergency Care Conference Sue Mason, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Sheffield "Redesigning Emergency Care"

9 December 2014 Professor Sue Mason on Radio Four

9 December 2014 Oxford Research Day. Sue Mason, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Sheffield "Research in the ED" 

​1 December 2014 ScHARR Emergency Admissions Conference