Evidence Based Transformation with the NHS

The overall aim of this theme is to make sure that, when people receive care in hospital or in the community, that care is safe and focussed

on their need

We will bring together healthcare professionals, patients and researchers to make sure that:

• what we do reflects the real problems that people face

• the solutions we develop will work for patients and staff alike.

Most research on patient safety has looked at what happens when things go wrong. Our approach, however, is to identify those teams and units that are doing better than average - providing exceptionally high-quality, safe care for patients. Having identified these high performers, we will study them more closely, to understand what they are doing to get such good results.

Once we understand how they are doing so well, we aim to:

• spread this learning across the region

• provide services to support improvements in patient safety

• evaluate the cost-effectiveness of these improvements.

It is very important for us to receive feedback from patients on the safety of their care. So we will look at how patients’ feedback might be collected by hospital volunteers, and by medical students as part of their education.

As an example of our work in the Yorkshire and Humber region, we are studying how to support staff in responding to people at risk of acute kidney injury. 


11/12/2014 Professor Rebecca Lawton's paper used in Roy Lilley's Blog