Engaging with patients to support service transformation

Engaging with patients about the safety of care: a medical education tool

Lead:                           Dr Claire Marsh / Caroline Reynolds (BIHR)

Collaborators:               Dr Rob Lane (University of Leeds)

                                   Professor Rebecca Lawton

                                   Dr Ali Cracknell (LTHT)

The Patient Measure of Safety (PMOS) is a valid and reliable measure used to elicit feedback from patients on the safety of their care environment. This feedback then forms the basis for the Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment (PRASE) intervention where staff plan and implement safety improvements based on the feedback from patients. Until now, data has been collected from patients by research nurses. However, in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, undergraduate medical students, junior doctors and trainee pharmacists have begun to collect small quantities of data. As well as providing wards with valuable feedback on the safety of the care they provide, those collecting the data have reported that the conversations they have with patients are different from normal contacts and that they have helped them understand care from the patient perspective. We are interested to understand the potential of PRASE as a multi-disciplinary training intervention to support skills in communication, delivering compassionate care and understanding the patient perspective. The project outputs will form the basis of an application for further funding.

You can read more about the PRASE intervention here: http://www.trialsjournal.com/content/pdf/1745-6215-15-420.pdf

Engaging with patients about the safety of care: the role of hospital volunteers

Lead:                           Dr Jane O’Hara (University of Leeds/BIHR)

Collaborators:               Dr Gemma Louch (BIHR)

                                   Professor Rebecca Lawton

                                   Professor Mohammed Mohammed (University of Bradford/BIHR)

The Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment (PRASE) Intervention is a novel patient measure of hospital safety. It allows patients to provide feedback on their care, for ward staff to use to facilitate local action planning and safety improvement. Feedback from patients is well established through satisfaction or experience surveys. However, no routine measure exists allowing inpatients to provide feedback on the safety of care. As a research project, the PRASE data has been collected by research nurses. In this project we will harness the untapped potential of hospital volunteers to promote wider implementation of PRASE and put patients at the heart of safety.

The project is funded by The Health Foundation as part of their ‘Closing the Gap in Patient Safety’ programme, and runs for two years from July 2014.

For more information about this project, please go to The Health Foundation website: http://www.health.org.uk/areas-of-work/programmes/closing-the-gap-in-patient-safety/related-projects/implementing-patient-measure-safety-partnership-hospital-volunteers/


HSRUK Conference July 2016

Lessons from Evaluating Improvement: The PRASE Intervention in Collaboration with Hospital Volunteers 

Gemma Louch & Jane O'Hara, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS FT? Bradford Institute for Health Research