Establishing regional research priorities to improve the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatment pathways for heart attack patients (Cardiovascular prioritisation)

To understand why differences in care pathways for cardiovascular disease occur at a local level we have worked to develop a list of priority topics for the future. This will encourage locally driven, needs-led research to be prioritised, with a view to improving the health of heart attack patients in Yorkshire & Humber.  

This project resulted from a collaboration formed through CLAHRC YH between HEOM researchers at York, academic cardiologists at Leeds and Sheffield Universities and the Vale of York CCG. The list of priority topics was generated through a review of the literature and then further refined at a regional workshop. 

This long list of topics was prioritised using a web survey with the wider academic, clinical and commissioning communities. The web survey results have been analysed and a journal publication written. 

Research Capability Funding (RCF) has been awarded to explore one of the priority topics (multiple versus staged stenting for elective PCI).