Public’s interpretation of QoL

An assessment of Public’s interpretation of common response options to Quality of Life questions. 

Preference based outcome measures, such as those currently being developed within School of Health Related Research (ScHARR) (e.g. the Extending the QALY measure, and the Duchenne Quality of Life measure) rely upon response choices that are clear both for members of the public to complete, and able to be consistently interpreted within valuation exercises. There are ongoing uncertainties around potential differences in interpretation of response options (e.g. Schneider and Stone, 2016) and concerns as to whether respondents can clearly distinguish between five response categories (Lloyd and Quadri, 2010). This project aims to explore how members of the public interpret common response options to support ongoing Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) development.  Given the focus on members of the public, one member of the research team is a member of the public with an interest in research.

Contact: Tessa Peasgood I