Work Packages

Work Package 1: Health Economics across Sectors

We will explore the methodological challenges of economic evaluations that span different sectors such as public health, the environment, social care or marginal communities. We will consider the wider social benefits and trade-offs between health and non-health outcomes.


  • Better Care Fund - social care and reducing hospital admissions s
  • Air pollution - low emission feasibility study, measuring health outcomes

Work Package 2: Develop use of PROMS
To examine the feasibility of different methods for collecting outcomes in services for mental health, child health and the frail elderly.


  • ReQoL – Recovering Quality of Life: Development of a brief generic measure of quality of life recovery in mental health populations
  • Validity of EQ5D-5L & other measures for over-65s
  • Frailty Cohort questionnaire

Work Package 3: Develop methods in economic evaluation and outcome measurement that facilitates the CLAHRC
Develop methods in economic evaluation and outcomes measurement that facilitates the CLAHRC, opportunities for capacity building and collaboration will emerge and evidence generated will be more useful for local decision making.


  • Alternative analytical approaches to aid decision-making
  • Future related costs for MI survivors

Work Package 4: Economic evaluation to support CLAHRC YH themes
To develop and to apply high quality analytic methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of service implementation developments in all the CLAHRC YH themes.


  • Microsystems Academy: Surgery (with Translating Knowledge into Action theme)
  • Triage / urgent care: Pathway modelling for service design (with Avoiding Attendance & Admissions theme)