Mapping the quality and outcomes of care for people with psychological ill health and long term physical conditions using CPRD

The purpose of the Mental Health and Comorbidity Theme is to identify, prioritise and develop interventions to address this major health inequality. We target unhealthy behaviours and lifestyle such as poor diet, smoking and alcohol. We also target problems in accessing good healthcare and in the management of co-existing physical health problems such as diabetes, respiratory illness and ischaemic heart disease and seek to promote physical health and wellbeing.

The Mental Health and Comorbidity Theme consists of a highly knowledgeable team of academics and clinicians across Yorkshire with expertise and an excellent track record of success in programme development, trial management, interrogation of 'big data', implementation  evaluation, and health economic modelling in a wide range of mental health areas including serious mental illness and smoking cessation, long term physical health conditions, sexual health, and addiction. Therefore, we are ideally placed to offer evaluation services for programmes involved in health service delivery in mental health and comorbidity.