Towards totally smoke-free mental health services: An NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber survey of smoking status and views of clinical and non-clinical staff across participating Yorkshire and Humber NHS Mental Health Trusts.

Implementing smoke-free services is an identified priority for a number of NHS mental health trusts, and mental health commissioners, including within Yorkshire and the Humber.  The aim of this survey is to provide information that will support local adult NHS Mental Health Trusts in planning for and implementing totally smoke-free mental health services, and provide a base line for evaluation purposes.

The primary objectives of this study are to:

  • Benchmark the smoking status of clinical and non-clinical staff working in participating mental health trusts across Yorkshire and Humber
  • Ascertain views of clinical and non-clinical staff regarding the provision of totally smoke-free mental health services
  • Enable survey participants to share reservations concerning the implementation of smoke free trusts, and ideas on how to successfully deliver smoke-free mental health environments
  • Provide each participating Trust with local information to supporting planning

Secondary objectives of this study include: 

Building on existing  collaboration with the National Institute for Health (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, Yorkshire and Humber (CLAHRC YH) Mental Health and Comorbidity Theme, which is researching ways to improve the physical health of people with mental ill health 



This study is the first phase of a four year project, led and co-ordinated by the NIHR CLAHRC YH Mental Health and Comorbiity Theme

  • Phase one involves collecting Trust level data, and a survey of all clinical and non-clinical staff in participating trusts (January 2015-June 2015).
  • Phase two will include tailored survey work as required by individual trusts/CLAHRC YH Mental Health and ComorbidityTheme objectives
  • Phase three, to be undertaken towards the end of CLAHRC (2017/18), will re-survey staff in participating trusts to ascertain staff smoking status, experience, attitudes and views on the provision of smoke-free mental health services.
  • Provide a springboard for further smoke-free implementation evaluation within or across Trusts in Yorkshire and Humber.


Cultural Influences

People with SMI 'enter the service as non-smokers and come out smokers because of the culture' (House of Commons Health Committee 2005, question 239)

Meet the Team:

Leads: Moira Leahy (, Claire Paul ( and Emily Peckham (

Collaborators: Sally BraybnJim Chapman, Fiona Cooke, Alexandra Davies, Simon Gilbody, Tom Hughes, Sarah Kirkland, Helen Lewis, Caroline Mitchell, Elena Ratschen, Heather Rice, Sarah Stevens,   Alison Thompson, Kevin Williamson 

Collaborating Sites: Bradford NHS District Trust; Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust; Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Academic Partners: University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield, University of York.

Advisors: Jo Cooke, Sue Highton, Diane Lee, Mike Lucock, Tom Ricketts, John Soady