Home-based Extended Rehabilitation for Older people: The HERO trial

Individually randomised controlled multi-centre trial to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of a home-based exercise intervention for older people with frailty as extended rehabilitation following acute illness or injury, including embedded process evaluation.

Frailty is characterised by reduced biological reserves and increased vulnerability to adverse outcomes. The majority of older people (>65 years) in hospital have frailty and are at increased risk of readmission or death following discharge home. Intermediate care services are recommended as national policy to enhance recovery after hospital admission. The benefits of rehabilitation in intermediate care are attenuated over time. Systematic reviews of exercise interventions for older frailty individuals report evidence for improvements in mobility and activities of daily living.

The HOPE programme: a physiotherapy supported home-based exercise programme has demonstrated potential for a positive clinically important effect on mobility in a pilot trial. The HERO trial seeks to further investigate the effectiveness of the HOPE programme for older people (aged >65) with frailty admitted to hospital following acute illness or injury then discharged home directly from hospital or from intermediate care services.



Clegg A, Barber S, Young G, Iliffe S, Forster A. The Home-based Older People’s Exercise (HOPE) trial: a pilot randomised controlled trial of a home-based exercise intervention for older people with frailty. Age and Aging 2014; 43: 687-695.  (PDF)