The Novel Assessment of Nutrition and Ageing (NANA) 

screenshot of NanaThe main aim of NANA was to develop a novel way of accurately measuring and capturing data on nutrition, cognition, physical and mental health in order for us to understand the interactions between these factors.  Traditional methods of collecting dietary intake have relied on paper and pencil food diaries the accuracy of which can depend on sufficient recall of all food and drinks over a certain period of time. The NANA toolkit is presented on a touch-screen computer and has been validated with over one hundred older adults. This has shown NANA to have good reliability as well as the technology displaying high acceptability among this population.

There is an important link between undernourishment and physical frailty in older adults (alongside self-reported exhaustion, weakness, slow walking speed and low physical activity). To date NANA has not focused on older adults with frailty but this is a group who can place exceptional demands on services due to their complex needs.

We are currently undertaking a small feasibility study utilising the NANA assessment and monitoring system with 20 older adults with frailty recruited from the Yorkshire & Humber Community Ageing Research (CARE) Study cohort. Comparisons will be made from the data collected from the 20 CARE participants with that collected in the NANA validation study to establish whether the tool is appropriate for data collection in the homes of older adults with frailty.