The Community Ageing Research 75+ (CARE 75+) cohort study

We have established a novel ‘trial within cohort’ design to establish a cohort of older people to investigate frailty transitions (changes over time) as well as collecting health, social and economic data. As well as providing observational data, the CARE75+ study (UKCRN 18043) is a platform for additional studies including qualitative studies and feasibility studies. In the future, CARE75+ will provide a platform for the development and evaluation of interventions (treatments) to improve outcomes for older people. These interventions could include exercise, occupational therapy, nutrition and medications. CARE75+ has provided a platform for the SoReLL study  and a study investigating communication between older people and health care professionals to develop a programme of enhanced communication skills training for practitioners working with older people.

We have initially worked GP practices in Bradford and Leeds to identify and recruit participants from primary care. However, we are now extending recruitment to GP practices nationwide. Our Newcastle site opened in October 2016 and has recruited its first few participants. Other sites are planned.  

Community dwelling older people (aged > 75 years) are eligible for the CARE75+ study. We plan to recruit 1,000 participants over a five year period.  We will collect demographic data and conduct various measurements and assessments including frailty, independence, loneliness, coping, self-efficacy, cognition and mood. In addition we will undertake blood sampling for the establishment of a blood bio-bank for future investigations into potential relationships between multisystem physiological dysregulation and frailty. These could include investigations of associations of a range of organ specific, genetic, immunological and endocrine markers with frailty. 


Care 75+ recruitment



To celebrate the on-going success of the Community Ageing Research Study 75+ (CARE75+) and to thank all of our participants and GP staff for their continued support – we arranged an afternoon of exhibitions and lunch at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford on Tuesday 4th of October. You can find out more here