Derbyshire Tier 3 Obesity Patients - 2 year follow up Live Life Better (LLB)

This research concerns the specialist weight management service (formerly known as the ‘Tier 3 weight management service) provided by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS). 

Patients referred to the service go down one of two routes
a. Support for long-term lifestyle change to support weight loss
b. Referral for assessment, support to make lifestyle changes and preparation for surgery

The service is normally open to bariatric patients for a maximum of two years.  There is no follow up or data collection after discharge and this research project hopes to answer questions around its longer term impact.  It is known that surgery leads to a dramatic weight loss over the first couple of years but the long term prognosis for both surgery and lifestyle interventions provided by the service are not clear.

The project will have two stages
1. A screening questionnaire to all patients who have been discharged from the Tier 3 service for at least two years.  This is thought to number 200-250.  This number includes patients who have been referred from the service for bariatric surgery

2. An invitation to take part in a narrative interview to look at their experiences in more detail