Developing an area (street) based cash transfer scheme to promote healthy eating in areas of high deprivation (the FRESH Street Project)

This project addresses an issue of major strategic public health importance – how to create sustainable and healthy diets, eating behaviours and food systems in areas of high deprivation. Many communities in the UK are experiencing food poverty, i.e. “the inability to afford, or have access to, food to make up a healthy diet” (DH 2005), and consuming diets high in processed foods and low in fresh fruit and vegetables. People living on low incomes are more likely to have a consumption of sugar and saturated fatty acids, and lower intake of fruit and vegetables and dietary fibre than recommended (Food Standards Agency 2007). 

The purpose of this early phase study is to develop and test the feasibility of an innovative public health intervention which aims to: (i) increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, (ii) encourage new purchasing, food preparation and eating patterns in the short term; and in the longer term, (iii) reduce food poverty and improve health outcomes.