Using digital technology to support staff working in the community with patientts with multiple sclerosis

This project aims to develop and evaluate alternative ways for patients with advanced multiple sclerosis to access specialist services by using digital technology to support staff working in the community. At present patients with advanced disabilities face significant barriers accessing services despite them having many unmet needs. This project aims to develop a service to address these needs and meet the quality standards expected of an MS service. 

The project is in its initial stages: we have conducted consultations with service users and clinicians. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and the ideal characteristics of a better MS service for patients with MS. The next steps will involve development and testing of a remote digital care system in collaboration with an industry partner.

The consultation process has also identified key unmet needs in this population. This has enabled the development and early validation of a questionnaire to identify unmet needs in the wider population (LUN-MS: Longterm unmet needs in MS) and can be used by patients to guide their own care. The next steps will be a larger validation of this questionnaire and make it available in digital format to support the new digitally enabled service.