A mobile diagnostic and screening toolkit for urban slum settings

Together with the Baptist Hospital, local health authorities and two companies in Bangalore, India, we have developed a screening toolkit that can be used by non-medically trained people in urban slums to screen for the most important health conditions that may need treatment. The content of the toolkit was developed in a co-design approach with local partners and people living in slums. 

This toolkit has been tested in a large field trial among 3,300 people of all ages. We found dramatic numbers of people with hypertension, diabetes, anaemia, severe malnutrition and other health issues that require treatment. On the basis of these findings and the positive evaluation of the toolkit, the approach is now being implemented by other healthcare providers in different regions of India. 

This directly impacts the lives of many people living in the challenging environments like slums. There is also growing interest from hospitals in rural areas to use the toolkit as a way to reach out to the communities in rural villages who have limited access to healthcare.