Peripheral Neuropathy

University of Sheffield Team

Professor Sue Mawson (Project Lead)

Dr Chris McDermott (Project Lead)

Dr Nasrin Nasr (Research Fellow)

Sheffield Halam Team:

Dr Ben Heller (Principal Research Fellow)

Dr Matt Dexter (Designer and Researcher)

Project aim: The aim of this project grant is to explore the potential of an assistive technology for the self-management of Neuropathy.

Background: Neuropathy is a problem affecting the peripheral nerves. It can affect the motor nerves and the sensory nerves or both. Neuropathy treatments include fall prevention, gait re-education, balance exercises and provision of aids to improve safety at home. Based on our extensive existing knowledge of stroke self-management, we believe that innovative technologies have the potential to facilitate the delivery of neuropathy treatments through encouraging self-management and self-rehabilitation strategies.

Brief Project Summary: We use an interdisciplinary user-centred design approach to engage patients, carers and professionals to explore patients’ experiences of living with neuropathy and professionals’ understanding of their clinical needs. We are examining the potential of providing feedback to patients where they can interpret the feedback and make sense of it. One of the core components of self-efficacy is providing feedback to patients through the use of self-management tasks.

We were awarded the RDSYH Public Involvement funding to establish a PPI group for the project. Currently the research team works closely with the project PPI group to develop the research grant proposal. A number of discussion group and design workshops have been held to identify and define problems and to design solutions.

Project Partners:

School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield

Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN), University of Sheffield

Sheffield Hallam University