Peripheral Neuropathy

University of Sheffield Team

Professor Sue Mawson (Project Lead)

Dr Chris McDermott (Project Lead)

Dr Nasrin Nasr (Research Fellow)

Sheffield Halam Team:

Dr Ben Heller (Principal Research Fellow)

Dr Matt Dexter (Designer and Researcher)

Project aim:

The aim of this project grant is to explore the potential of an assistive technology for the self-management of Neuropathy.


Neuropathy is a problem affecting the peripheral nerves. It can affect the motor nerves and the sensory nerves or both. Neuropathy treatments include fall prevention, gait re-education, balance exercises and provision of aids to improve safety at home. Based on our extensive existing knowledge of stroke self-management, we believe that innovative technologies have the potential to facilitate the delivery of neuropathy treatments through encouraging self-management and self-rehabilitation strategies.