Translating Knowledge into Action Report 2019: Using Creative Methods to co-design better healthcare experiences

Our case book collects some highlights of the work of the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Yorkshire and Humber (YH) Translating Knowledge into Action (TK2A) theme.

The theme used learning developed from the User-centred Healthcare Design (UCHD)  theme of the NIHR CLAHRC South Yorkshire (SY) (2008-2013), which sought to develop and evaluate a methodology for health service improvement and innovation by applying methods and characteristic ways of working from design to specific health services.

The TK2A theme is interested in how we translate knowledge, in its many forms, into action. For our theme, action means change in how we deliver or experience health and social care. We are particularly interested in the contribution of creative practices and design and participatory working to deliver successful change.

We believe that through using these creative methods we allow genuine and meaningful coproduction that allows the contribution of all the stakeholders of a project or service to share and synthesise new knowledge.

We believe by ensuring the outputs (interim or final) are visible and tangible it not only addresses power in relationships, but also allows people to engage with the process in a more embodied way and see the outputs of their contributions in real time.

 Through these two principles we believe that we attend to the moral and pragmatic reasons to involve people in change3, and allows us to develop products and services that are contextually sensitive and that have the best opportunity.

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