Harnessing emotion to inform clinical nursing judgement: John Mckinnon

Dr John McKinnon is a senior lecturer in nursing at the 
University of Lincoln. He was a frontline practitioner 
for 20 years working in critical care, public health and safeguarding children.
He has taught, published and researched reflective practice and emotional intelligence. His book
“Reflection for Nursing Life” published by Routledge has won praise from the Royal College of Nursing, academics, practitioners and students for its refreshing and innovative approach to a familiar subject.
On the 20th of April, John presented a new framework for nursing practice which harnesses emotion to inform clinical judgement, drawn from his doctoral studies in this area.  The lecture was hosted by at the University of Sheffield, School of Nursing, and supported by the NIHR CLAHRC YH Translating knowledge into action theme.

John's paper, 'In their shoes: An ontological perspective on empathy in nursing practice' is available here

You can link to the presentation here

You can link to a discount voucher for the book here

For more information please contact   jmckinnon@lincoln.ac.uk