The added value of creative practices in knowledge mobilisation: A qualitative study of the ‘Translating knowledge into action’ projects.

This study is an overarching evaluation of the translating knowledge into action (TK2A) themes knowledge mobilization (KM) projects. These include the getting research into practice (GRIP) projects which are funded by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Charitable Trust, through the TK2A Theme CLAHRC YH.

The TK2A projects (including GRIP) use participatory co-production methods and creative approaches to KM.  We feel this is what defines the ‘TK2A approach’ and is unique in KM practice.

The purpose of this evaluation is to ascertain the impact the ‘TK2A approach’ had on the KM process for the TK2A projects funded to date. It does not intend to evaluate the impact of the projects themselves but to establish whether the ‘TK2A approach’ has had any added value to the KM process.

20 interviews have been carried out with the PI’s and other members of the project teams from 14 of the TK2A projects to date.

Data is being analysed using framework approach. A workshop has been carried out with a selection of interview participants. They worked through a series of activities together related to the data collected so far. Their insights have helped inform development of the thematic framework.

Once all the data has been coded, themes agreed and mapped, links will be explored with the ‘collective making’ process model. Finally the fully developed analysis will be presented back to interview participants as a final check on validity.