Falls service redesign evaluation

  • To use staff experiences to explore the impact of working in a clinical microsystem on staff empowerment and engagement in service improvement.
  • To use the experiences of staff and stakeholders to explore the interactions between clinical microsystems, meso-systems and macro-systems


The evaluation will use a pluralistic stakeholder approach in order to explore the effects of working in clinical microsystems on those staff involved and on the wider community within which they work.  It will examine the extent to which those directly involved have been empowered by the process.  It will also explore the ways in which the process has impacted the approach that microsystems participants take to service improvement and examine the interactions between the clinical microsystems and the meso and macro systems in which they sit.

A mixed methods approach, combining the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data will be used.  The quantitative component, involving a validated questionnaire will allow measurement of change in empowerment, across a broad sample of staff.  The qualitative component will enable a more in-depth exploration of the experiences and views of key personnel within the project through focus group discussions with the project team, interviews with key stakeholders, and observation of clinical microsystem meetings.

Project summary falls service redesign June 2014