Scoping Review – post partum weight management

The scoping review was conducted to map the key barriers to, and determinants of, weight management among women during post partum, to identify evidence gaps to develop a grant proposal on intervention development and implementation of support services for this group of women. The scoping review, which identified mainly key qualitative research studies of women's views towards post partum weight support models currently available and behaviour change interventions, identified the following broad themes under which the data were mapped:

  1.  Barriers to using weight management services
  2. Key motivations
  3. Perceptions towards weight management

 The review concluded that weight management support in the post partum should account for the following:

  • Effective communication 
  • Personalised care
  • Need for better maternal obesity guidelines
  • Sociocultural groups

The scoping review informed two subsequent grant proposals to the NIHR RfPB funding scheme to develop person-centred and tailored approaches to weight management support that is sensitive to women's preferences. Although the scoping review was used to inform the parallel interview and focus group study (on post partum weight management services), a literature review paper is being prepared for publication to the Journal of Pregnancy with Professor Hora Soltani at Sheffield Hallam University and Bernadette Hardware.