Interview study on Post partum weight management

A total of 15 interviews with healthcare professionals and 2 focus groups with women from a local maternity user group have been completed and analysed using N-vivo 10. The study aimed to identify the most appropriate healthcare approaches and models for implementation in this group of women. The study findings show that there is an abundant paucity of knowledge among healthcare providers regarding optimal ways of introducing the subject of weight loss and services available in the community or in formal NHS pathways. Findings show that the post partum stage is an opportunistic time for introducing behaviour change interventions for weight loss, particularly those that address women’s motivation. Consequently, we have developed a research proposal that addresses the issue of women’s motivation to engage in weight loss behaviours. A report has been written and submitted to Sheffield CCG and a paper is in preparation for publication (see below). Two outputs resulted from the study:

Grant application to the NIHR RfPB Programme to investigate the feasibility of a social media intervention in improving healthy weight behaviours in women during post partum.

Grant application to NIHR RfPB Programme to conduct an intervention development and implementation study using the principle of ‘patient activation’ to improve healthy weight behaviours in pregnant women and those during post partum.