Getting Research Into Practice (GRIP) in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Examples of previously funded projects with links to further information:

“A pilot project to coproduce a tool to optimise attendance at hepatitis C (Hep C) clinics: Translation of evidence into practice”
This project took evidence derived from a Professional Doctorate project undertaken by the project lead, and combined it with the lived experience of people delivering Hep C Services and service users to co-produce a range of proposals that might improve attendance at Hep C clinics.  The project used a creative design led approach to surface and combine experience of staff and service users into proposals for improvement. The project is led by Ray Poll nurse consultant and involves a member of the CLAHRC Translating Knowledge to Action theme.

“Intelligent Guardianship: taking the drama out of obstetric theatre”
This project took evidence from Intelligent guardianship, a conceptual model describing staff behaviours that enable women to form an enduring positive experience of emergency caesarean birth and proposed to use a innovative approach of using actors to model and demonstrate positive examples of care in education sessions for staff in Theatres at the Jessop’s Hospital for Women, Sheffield. The project involves a team of midwives and is led by Helen Baston and Alison Brodrick, midwifery consultant