Review process
Proposals will be initially assessed according the following criteria:
  • The proposed project focuses on the implementation of evidence into practice.
  • Does the proposed change require no additional resources once the project is completed
  • The funding requested falls within the maximum amount specified within the call.
  • The application was received prior to the deadline for submission.

Proposals that meet the above criteria will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. Reviewers will pay particular attention to the following questions:

  • Are the aims of the project clearly stated and can they be adequately addressed by the project plan?
  • Is there an explicit link to a model of knowledge mobilisation?
  • Has the need for change been justified by reviewing the literature and current practice?
  • Can the project be completed in the time proposed and with the resources requested?
  • Does the project team have the appropriate expertise to complete the project successfully? 
  • Are the roles and contributions of different members of the team made clear?
  • Does the project represent good value for money? Have the resources requested been fully justified?
  • Does the proposed project adhere to relevant clinical governance, ethical and legal requirements, for example data protection?
  • Is there a implementation strategy that enables the learning from the project to be shared more widely?