Translating Knowledge into Action 

The TK2A theme is interested in how we translate knowledge, in its many forms, into action.  For our Theme action means change in how we deliver or experience health and social care.  We are particularly interested in the contribution of creative practices and design and Participatory working to deliver successful change.

 TK2A is exploring the world of implementation science or the science of how knowledge is translated by: 

  • 'researching the best ways to do' knowledge translation, and
  • 'doing' knowledge translation
Building upon highly successful implementation projects undertaken in the initial CLAHRCs we will design, pilot and evaluate strategies to promote the uptake of research into practice. 

We have particular expertise in Integrated Knowledge mobilisation, coproduction and co-design and the use of creative practices in helping mobilise knowledge to improve the health and wealth of the people of the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

Theme Lead: Professor Angela Tod