Working with patients and the public (PPI)

We believe that all people have a right, if they wish, to be involved in the organisation and delivery of health and health research. Through co-production, we will support the key stakeholders in our work to contribute to the development of better knowledge, healthcare services and products. In CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber we are continuing to work with the patient and public involvement (PPI) groups and patient representatives who have been associated with the initial CLAHRCs as well building links to other groups, to establish and support new groups, projects which are recruiting new representatives and researchers. 

We have a developed a PPI Strategy, below are our principles and Strategic Objectives. 

Principles: Our approach to PPI within CLAHRC YH is based on two key principles:
  • That patients and the public have a right to be involved, engaged with or participate in our work, especially that which directly effects them
  • That patients and the public bring their knowledge of ill health and services that can directly contribute towards our work, thereby increasing its acceptability and applicability.

Strategic Objectives: In 2015 the NIHR published the Going the Extra Mile report which challenges researchers to lead by example by working in partnership with the public to deliver high quality research; and was endorsed by the Chief Medical Officer. The report’s 10-year strategic goals form the core of our Strategic Objectives.  We will seek to:

  • Ensure that opportunities to engage and become involved in research are visible to the public
  • Value the experience of patients, service users and carers as a fundamental and valued source of knowledge
  • Require public involvement as a part of high quality research conducted by researchers and their institutions
  • Ensure that public involvement is locally driven and relevant whilst strategically consistent with the NIHR’s goals
  • Ensure that evidence of what works is accessible so that others can put it into practice
  • Contribute towards the NIHR presence and influence for working in partnership with the public

The full Strategy which is is designed to outline our vision for PPI and the actions that we propose to take to achieve this vision can be found here