Working with patients and the public ~ Public Involvement (PI) (formerly PPI)

We believe:

That patients and the public bring their unique knowledge and experience of ill health and services to research.  This can directly contribute to our work and increase its quality, acceptability and applicability

That patients and the public have a right to be involved, engaged with or participate in our work, especially that which directly effects them

In NIHR CLAHRC YH this happens in three main ways: involvement, participation and engagement.  

Involvement: Where members of the public are actively involved in research projects and in research organisations.

Our research work is divided into Themes and we encourage our researchers to get the public involved right from the start and all the way through. Each of the Themes has a public involvement Lead and there are groups that advise on individual projects and have an oversight role. Click here for more information.

We have a Strategy and action plan that guides our public involvement activities and advisers that support our work. We also links to other teams in the region and nationally.

We also provide public involvement training for members of the public.

Participation: Where people take part in a research study

We are keen to give people the opportunity to take part in our research and we have a regular CLAHRC YH newsletter, where we share these opportunities. you can subscribe to this e-mail by clicking here. 

Engagement: Where information and knowledge about research is provided and spread.