Barnsley Consumer Research Advisory Group – CRAG working with CLAHRC YH

Barnsley CRAG continues to review both in house and  CLAHRC YH projects for themes who do not have a PPI group.

Since January 2014 the CRAG have reviewed projects and been involved in providing feedback on a report of PPI involvement in the implementation of research findings.Their advice and support  has been important in informing the design and conduct of studies and highly valuable in enabling projects to secure ethics approval.

Ongoing support and training is delivered to the group by the PPI Facilitator, and the group are currently redeveloping their terms of reference, role description and person specification in line with current PPI activity.

The PPI Facilitator has worked closely with the Barnsley Hospital Patient Experience Service Improvement Co-ordinator and the head of the hospital Volunteering Service to look at how CRAG can work to support the trust. Each CRAG member has been offered the opportunity to be registered as a hospital volunteer.

CRAG are also developing generic PPI resources to be utilised across the NIHR CLAHRC YH themes workstreams.

Barnsley CRAG Background 

Consumer involvement in NHS research has become a key issue, with the NHS making a national commitment to this. Our trust actively promotes consumer involvement and the improvements in the quality of research this can lead to. In 2001 we established a group of consumers and researchers whose aim was to provide consumer involvement in research within the trust.

hat do we do?

The Consumer Research Advisory Group – CRAG, are a small group of consumers and researchers who have a special interest in NHS research. We provide a consumer perspective to researchers who are planning to undertake a research project within the trust. At present, we meet between three to four times per year, and our key roles is undertaking reviews of proposed projects. This generally involves reading research proposals, and other project literature, and providing feedback on any areas which the researcher has requested, or those we feel are in need of revision or clarification.

Why should I involve CRAG?

There are numerous reasons why a researcher would benefit from involving the group with its proposed research. These include:-

·         Consumers can help to ensure that issues which are

     important to consumers and therefore to the NHS as a whole

     are identified and prioritised.

·         The involvement of consumers can help to ensure that

     money and resources aren’t wasted on research that has little

     or no relevance to the NHS.

·         Consumers can help to ensure that research doesn’t just

     measure outcomes that are identified and considered

     important by professionals.

·         Consumers can help with the recruitment of their peers.

·         Consumers can access people who are often marginalised,

     such as people from black and minority ethnic communities.

·         Consumers can disseminate the results of research and work

     to ensure that changes are implemented.

·         The involvement of consumers is also becoming an

     increasing political priority.

(Information obtained from INVOLVE, 2005)

 What if i am interested in becoming a member?

Our group are always interested in considering new members If you would like more information on becoming a member contact Christine Smith