Professor Ade Adebajo

Ade is a consultant rheumatologist as well as being heavily involved in research and education. He has been involved for many years in patient and public engagement for the Arthritis Research Campaign and is currently a board member of the Arthritis Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA) as well as the Department of Health and IHR INVOLVE (a not-for-profit organisation of public participation specialists). As a member of the Core Team, Ade's role is to facilitate and promote patient and public involvement (PPI) across CLAHRC YH. He also provides strategic linkages with key PPI partnerships such as the RDS, CLRN as well as external PPI partnerships with other CLAHRCs and with organisations such as 

Dr Christine Smith

Christine is operational lead for PPI and works with Themes supporting their PPI work. 

For all enquiries regarding CLAHRC PPI then please contact

The NIHR CLAHRC YH PPI team are linked to and share information with: 

  • NIHR local Strategic Localism PPI Group
  • The National PPI in CLAHRC group (PPIC)

For more information about these groups, please contact

The PPI continues to be supported by previous members of the team:

Dr Jill Thompson

Jill has researched aspects of public involvement since
 2005, including a PhD that she completed in 2010. In CLAHRC SY she moved to the core team
from the Telehealth and Care Technologies Theme where she worked as a Research Fellow. Jill's role as PPI researcher builds on her research profile, exploring the complexities of engaging with PPI within CLAHRC YH.
ernadette Hardware

Bernadette Hardware was our PPI Facilitator, her role and experience within Barnsley Hospital NFT enables her to work closely with themes to identify and promote existing PPI groups. This will facilitate a network of opportunities for learning and sharing practices and resources with both patients and staff from across the region.