5. NIHR Voices

NIHR Voices 2016 Event

The Yorkshire and Humber Public Involvement community group are running their second event on Thursday 10th November 2016.

The theme for the event is Diversity & Equality with speakers and facilitators from INVOLVE and The Department of Health. There will be plenty of time to network and share best practice including opportunity to discuss any issues and current challenges.

There will also be updates on developments since our last event in 2015.

Who is it for?

The event is aimed at members of the public who would like to get involved in research or have a particular interest in learning more.

10th November 2016 – Weetwood Hall, Leeds

An NIHR Voices event was held at Weetwood Hall, Leeds on 10th November 2016.  Sixty-two people were in attendance with a split of 31 members of the public and 31 NHS and university people from across the Yorkshire & Humber region.  This project is supported by the Yorkshire and Humber NIHR Voices and the Wellcome Trust.

The topic of the day was around The Future of Public Involvement and the Importance of Diversity and Equality.

5 Work streams were identified which attendees were asked to sign up to if they had an interest.

The work streams consisted of:

  • ·  Peer support 
  • ·  Making involvement normal
  • ·  Participatory methods
  • ·  Communication:  Evolving the network for all
  • ·  Diversity and Inclusion

INVOLVE were keen to acknowledge the contributions from the day i.e poems around the ten words people associated with diversity and inclusion for future use in any guidance papers produced. The poems submitted were:


To be included,

To be listened to,

To be respected,

To allow for all differences,

To be appreciated,

To do this,

And to be this.

Acceptance and inclusion truly

Leads to embracing diversity.

We are in a world of empowerment

We are willing to listen, act

And help each other, so we can

All reap the benefits of equity

Of access which provides inclusion

By developing tailored needs and services.


I am what I am, I am me

Listen, respect, look and see me.

I value you, please value me

Take down the barriers, language, race,

Gender, ethnicity.

I am what I am, I am me,

Look and you will see there is no

Difference between you and me.

Give me the opportunities and you will see

I am approachable and you could learn from me


There was a researcher from Cardiff

Who liked to be very inclusive

Her friendly approach brought her lots of respect

But for her age was a matter of conjecture!

In language quite plain, when asked to explain

She replied “I regard it as flexible

My ethnicity’s clear but to be honest my dear,

Please listen my age requires ethical approval!”


In order to be inclusive in the world of equality

Requires respect, being honest and lots of flexibility.

No matter the language, the listening or age

The approach and experience turns another page.


Barriers that make us jump through hoops

With listening as a form of acceptance.

Respect to accept everyone

Which enables me to level with you and contribute

Without falling before the first barrier

Open your mind to different values

And Listen, Listen, Listen!


There is opportunity in the community

To overcome the barriers of inclusion

But race, age, ability and religion offer a solution

It’s not the politics, class or sexual orientation

That should affect your participation!


Use language that is inclusive

Accept differences with flexibility

Respect age and ethnicity

Be honest and approachable

Listening with openness

Giving you equality and diversity.


There once was a city

Full of multicultural ethnicity,

Where the language is of respect and inclusivity

Help every one of all ages and differences,

Happy, flexible, and approachable

So they all listen to make research approachable

Words associated with diversity and inclusion:

Figure 1 Tag cloud generated form the words individual associated with diversity and inclusion



Lots of networking took place with the exchange of contacts etc which attendees found very useful.

Discussion on my table was around use of a website only as a “go to” place was held and the view that not just one size fits all approach suits everyone, different people with different needs, require different methods of communication.  For example the use of printed materials posted to them, as not everyone has access to the internet or the ability to access websites, also some older people struggle with technology. 

The words associated with diversity and inclusion put forward by the attendees were put into a word cloud (see attached document)

Next Steps

A Steering group is to be set up to take suggestions/ideas forward and report back at the next event.  It is hoped to use the poetry contributions on national poetry day on Thursday 28th September 2017.