E-Newsletter CLAHRC Partnership Programme

NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber contributes articles to the CLAHRC Partnership Programme E-Newsletters. The e-newsletters are circulated to a wider audience and are a 150 word summary of a CLAHRC 
project or thematic area. Below is a list of the contributions that we have made and a link to their content. 

Avoiding attendance and admissions in long term conditionsEvaluation of mental health nurse triage for ambulance service patients with mental health problems 
Avoiding attendance and admissions in long term conditions Get back on track with access standards for A&E and ambulance waits.
Avoiding attendance and admissions in long terms conditions AHSN improvement academy urgent care theme.

Avoidable Attendance and Admissions
Data linkage 
Avoidable Attendance and AdmissionsMental Health YAS
Avoidable Attendance and AdmissionsHealthcare Transitions and Avoiding Attendances and Admissions Theme 

Core principle - Capacity building0-19 Research Network: Yorkshire and the Humber
Core principle - Capacity buildingShaping better practice through research: an integrated research competencies framework for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) 
Core Principle - Public InvolvementPPI Diamonds training 

Core Principle - Capacity BuildingDeveloping pathways for clinical academic careers for practitioners: The paternoster model supported by ‘learning by doing’. 
Core Principle - Evaluation     Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs)
Core Principle - Capacity Building NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber working with AHP's professional bodies 
Core Principle - Public Involvement Public involvement training course for service users and carers.
Core principle - Reducing Health InequalitiesThe Divide
Core - Industry Strategy NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber Industry strategy

Evidence based transformation within the NHS Partners at Care Transitions (PACT)
Evidence based transformation within the NHS    Beyond knowledge: a new approach to behaviour change for patient safety
Evidence Based Transformation within the NHS The Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group
Evidence based transformation within the NHSThe role of patients and families in managing deteriorating patients 
Evidence based transformation within the NHSBehaviour change for patient safety
Evidence based transformation within the NHSPRASE
Evidence Based Transformation An action research study 
Evidence based transformation within the NHSPositive deviance

Health Economics and Outcomes measurement The Cost-Effectiveness of Population Health Checks 
Health Economics and Outcomes measurementAssessment of the EQ-5D-5L compared to Eq-5D-3L and generation of population norms in England
Health Economics and outcome measurementsRequol: A new brief generic measure of quality of life and recovery in mental health populations

Healthy children healthy familiesMore sensitive measures of obesity for South Asian children at risk of Metabolic disorders
Healthy children healthy familiesEvaluating the impact of early life interventions 
Healthy children healthy familiesNational CLAHRC child health meeting
Healthy children healthy families  Better Start Bradford
Healthy children healthy familiesChildren with Asthma
Healthy children healthy familiesUsing sit-stand desks to reduce children's sitting time
Healthy children healthy familiesDeveloping better health in the community 
Healthy children healthy familiesAdiposity

Mental Health and co-morbidityRESPECT
Mental health and comorbidities Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services
Mental health and comorbidityLifestyle health and well being cohort
Mental health and comorbidityExploring the impact of inhaled illicit drug use on respiratory health
Mental health and comorbiditySexual Health in Mental Health Services
Mental Health and co-morbidity    Helping mental health services to quit smoking
Mental health and comorbiditySheffield Physical Health and Psychological Wellbeing (IAPT) Project
Mental Health and ComorbiditySmoking Cessation Intervention for Severe Mental Ill Health Trial (SCIMITAR) 
Mental Health and ComorbiditySheffield Bridging the Gap Project
Mental health and comobidityImproving diabetes care and outcomes for people with severe mental illness

Primary care-based management of frailty in older peopleCARE 75+ study
Primary Care Based Management in Frailty for older peopleCare 75+ participants involved with Leeds Biomedical Research Centre MSK study
Primary care-based management of frailty in older people Study of Resourcefulness in Later Life (SoReLL)
Primary care-based management of frailty in older people            Valuing Active Life in Dementia (VALID)        

Public Health and IneqaulitiesDeveloping, implementing and evaluating a ‘Healthy Conversations’ (Making Every Contact Count) training programme across Sheffield City Council (SCC)

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)
Public Health and InequalitiesIncrease access to opportunities for physical activity in deprived communities
Public health and inequalities Summary of Workstream and how we target inequalities
Public health and inequalities Prison network
Public Health and InequalitiesHealthy weight compendium
Public Health and Inequalities     National Centre of Sports and Exercise Medicine
Public Health and InequalitiesBarnsley health check 

Telehealth and care technologiesApp for physical activity chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Telehealth and care technologiesENCOMPASS
 Telehealth and Care Technologies Intelligent shoe 
 Telehealth and Care technologies ADHD self management 
 Telehealth and care technologies Ready, Steady Go Toolkit
 Telehealth and care technologies Citizen science group
 Telehealth and Care technoglogies Digitally enhanced workforce Transformation

 Translating Knowledge into Action Lakeside Doncaster public health
 Translating Knowledge into Action  Weigh Forward Doncaster: Implementation of the NICE Obesity guidelines into physiotherapy clinical practice
 Translating Knowledge into Action Care pathways for people with Young onset Dementia
 Translating Knowledge into Action Hepatitis C project
 Translating Knowledge into Action Intelligent Guardianship
 Translating Knowledge into ActionSupporting PPI in Dementia Memory Services
 Translating knowledge into ActionEvaluation of an educational programme for young people with type 1 diabetes 
Translating Knowledge into Action Creative co-production and Implementation science 
Translating Knowledge into Action  Weight-gain after stroke
Translating Knowledge into Action A pilot project to co-produce a tool to optimise attendance at hepatitis C clinics
Translating Knowledge into ActionYoung onset dementia update 
Translating Knowledge into ActionWICKED translation in SY
Translating knowledge into Action E-Repository 
Translating knowledge into ActionPhysical activity and MSK
Translating Knowledge into Action/
Public health and Inequalities
What's the best way to help woman mange weight after giving birth?