ADHD self management

Miss Lauren Powell of the NIHR CLAHRC YH Telehealth and care technologies (TACT) theme has been investigating the suitability of existing technologies to help children and young people (CAYP) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) self-manage their condition. This work has involved studies that interview clinicians, CAYP with ADHD, their parents and a systematic review.

These studies found that existing technologies are not always suitable, as the study designs often do not account for complicated contexts; condition complexities and they are not made with and for the target audience (co-designed) so they are therefore less likely to lead to an impact.

The TACT theme is now developing guidelines (adopting co-design and Realist Evaluation (RE) methodologies) to inform the future design of these complex interventions to increase the likelihood that they will lead to impact and be suitable. The RE will involve integrating behaviour change theories and will account for condition and context complexities, and recommend a co-design approach to complex intervention development. This work is anticipated to be published in 2019.