AHSN Improvement Academy Urgent Care Theme: Improving the speed and appropriateness of treatment in EDs using evidence-based methods such as Senior Doctor Triage

The aim of the project is to gain an overview of existing practice in relation to Senior Doctor Triage in the Yorkshire and Humber region, and build collaborations to plan and implement improvements in the triage process in the emergency department (ED).

After surveying and visiting 17 EDs, and presenting the findings of these at a round-table discussion event in March 2015, the project team are now supporting staff in York Hospital to improve their ED triage model. 

A senior doctor triage model for patients arriving by ambulance has been developed by ED staff and this is now being trialled.  Measures for the implemented changes include ambulance handover times, patient time to see a senior clinician and patient time in the department.

This 2-year improvement project based in the NIHR CLAHRC YH, Avoidable, Attendance and Admissions theme is supported by ScHARR (University of Sheffield) and the YH AHSN Improvement Academy.

For more information please contact Maxine Kuczawski, Programme Manager - m.kuczawski@sheffield.ac.uk