Care 75+ participants involved with Leeds Biomedical Research Centre MSK study

Community Ageing Research 75+ (CARE 75+) is a longitudinal cohort study collecting an extensive range of health, social and economic outcome data with a particular focus on frailty status and frailty trajectories. As well as providing observational data, CARE75+ is a recruitment platform for research studies that are relevant to older people. With its comprehensive dataset, participants can be identified and purposively sampled for other studies. CARE75+ participants are currently participating in the MUSCLE study.  

The MUSCLE study is investigating new scanning technologies which can investigate muscles in greater detail. Participants in MUSCLE undergo scans and muscle assessments in a dedicated muscle lab at Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine.  The future goal of this research is to develop strategies for the prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases. To date, 34 CARE75+ participants have consented to take part in the MUSCLE study. 

Please contact Theme manager for the Primary Care Based Management in Frailty for older people theme for any queries regarding these studies.