Creative co-production and Implementation Science 

Implementation science draws on a huge range of theories to attempt to explain or predict why an intervention may or may not be implemented.  In a recent discussion paper (Holmes et al., 2016) reflect on the current challenges and suggest that the use of co-production needs to be explored and supported, to allow the benefits of co-produced knowledge between knowledge users and producers to be realised.  This resonates with the work of our theme and through our work we are exploring the use of creative practice (design, film, media) in co-production.

Working alongside colleagues from Lab4Living we are supporting co-production in traditional knowledge mobilisation (NICE guidance into practice) but also service improvement (mobilising experiential and situational knowledge) to deliver benefits for the health and wealth of the people of Yorkshire and Humber.

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Holmes, B. J., Best, A., Davies, H., Hunter, D., Kelly, M. P., Marshall, M. and Rycroft-malone, J. (2016) ‘Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action’, Evidence & Policy, (August), pp. 1–21.