Developing better health in the community

Located at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS FT and linked to our Healthy Children and Healthy Families Theme, a new ambulatory care project for children and young people (ACE) has been running since 2017.  Since the launch of the wheezy child/ asthma pathway, we have accepted 250 referrals of children with wheeze/asthma and have saved approximately 300 bed days. Over 85% of referrals to ACE have been managed in the community whereas before they would have been seen and managed in hospital. The majority-nearly 60% of our referrals- have come from primary care. There have been no adverse events and feedback (received from 25% of our families) has all been very positive.

A recent comment from a parent: ‘’Thank You!  A wonderful Service.  We had a GP appointment where she told us we would have to go to the hospital.  I panicked a bit as I had another child at school to consider (how he would be picked up), no change for parking and no food with me to take - all on top of worrying about how my little boy was breathing.  When this service was suggested by the on call paediatrician it was a huge relief.  We couldn't have asked for better care.’’

Each pathway comes with its own ‘care bundle’ delivered by an ACE nurse in the home. This means for wheeze/asthma each child receives all the care processes recommended by BTS and Asthma UK. This is to ensure that all children and young people receive appropriate health education and health promotion. 

ACE has resulted in greater collaboration across community and secondary care services and has been possible because of the development of new clinical roles within nursing and medical teams. It has been the model to trial other innovative shared system wide clinical pathways. It is hoped that the service will be replicated in other areas. If you would like to know more please visit us at