Developing, implementing and evaluating a ‘Healthy Conversations’ (Making Every Contact Count) training programme across Sheffield City Council (SCC).

The ‘Healthy Conversations’ (HC) programme, was hosted by the Public Health and Inequalities Theme of the CLAHRC YH and funded by Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust. Based on the principles o

f Making Every Contact Count (MECC), the aim was to develop, implement and evaluate an innovative and locally tailored training programme for Sheffield City Council staff. The programme adopted a ‘MECC Plus’ social model drawing on national best practice ( 

Staff teams were drawn from a variety of services and selected for training based on a number of factors including the amount of face to face contact they had with customers. The 3 hour programme was develo

ped and delivered by Learning and Development Consultants 

within SCC. HC training was delivered to 430 staff between 2015 

and 2017. Staff reported that the training had increased their confidence to instigate a HC with customers and identified potential barriers such as perceived time constraints and a lack of infrastructure supporting onward referral. 

The programme has evaluated well and the development process has identified that it can be flexibly delivered in 1, 2 and 3 hour formats. A number of staff have also been trained on a more advanced course branded ‘Coaching for Wellbeing’.