Digitally enhanced workforce Transformation

It is estimated that care for the last year of life in England costs £1.3 billion and delivery of an effective and efficient high quality community-based palliative care service continues to be a challenge in the UK. Where available, the existing model of 1:1 nursing by senior specialist palliative nurses is difficult to sustain in the long term.  

The Enhanced Community Palliative Support Service (EnComPaSS) a NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber project is a model of care, whereby community-based nurses are trained and delegated to deliver palliative care plans under online supervision by specialist palliative care nurses. The innovative technology, developed by our Canadian industry collaborator Sensory Technologies, provides online access to up-to-date clinical records to support effective team interaction and decision-making; it enables the community-based staff to document observations and care delivery in the chart while in the community, and provides them with immediate access to clinical support from the specialist palliative care clinicians. Instead of being able to care for just one person at a time, the technology enables the delegating nurse to manage a number of lower band nurses who act as their eyes, ears and hands delivering their care plans at the bedside. This leverages the scarce specialist care resources and facilitates expanded care capability through smart workforce deployment. 

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