Exploring the impact of inhaled illicit drug use on respiratory health

Illicit polydrug inhalation, high rates of tobacco smoking and significant psychosocial barriers to healthcare may put illicit opiate users at risk of early onset chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and poor asthma control and outcomes. 

The NIHR CLAHRC YH Mental Health and Comorbiditiy Theme is undertaking a series of linked research projects, in collaboration with the Sheffield Addiction Recovery Research Panel Patient and Public Involvement group and Drug and Alcohol services in South Yorkshire to understand how services can respond to this need.  

The findings of Lung Health of Opiate Users (LHOp1) a pilot study to screen for respiratory health problems in a substance misuse clinic with embedded patient and public involvement are available in the BMJ Open. 

For information on this and subsequent work please contact c.mitchell@sheffield.ac.uk or j.hulin@sheffield.ac.uk