Evaluation of an educational programme for young people with type 1 diabetes

Working with Insulin, Carbohydrate, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes (WICKED) is a week-long educational programme for young people (16-24 years old) with type 1 diabetes developed in Sheffield’s diabetes centre.

The WICKED course has been designed with an aim to meet specific needs of young people with type 1 diabetes, who are often at high risk of poor diabetes control and adverse impacts on well-being. In additional to key sessions on diabetes control (e.g. carbohydrate counting, preventing hypoglycaemia), WICKED also includes topics that have been identified as particularly relevant for young people (e.g. relationships, alcohol).

Learning is based on participants’ previous experiences and around peer-support resulting in a different level of engagement from participants ‘I thought it was really good … it didn’t feel like you were at school’ (Harrogate WICKED programme participant).

WICKED has successfully been implemented as part of diabetes care in Sheffield and now further implementation is being evaluated in two more centres in Leeds and Harrogate by the Translating Knowledge into Action theme of the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber. 

For further information please contact Daniel.wolstenholme@sth.nhs.uk