Within our Healthy Children and Healthy Families Theme, Dr Jane West and Dr Sally Barber have been leading a programme of research with Born in Bradford  (BiB) to examine the growth and adiposity of children in Bradford.

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) provides height and weight data to monitor trends in Body Mass Index (BMI) in English primary schools, but evidence from the BiB cohort suggests that for a given BMI, South Asian children have greater total and central fat than White British children. This may be important to the higher risk of heart disease and diabetes seen in South Asian adults. Therefore, BiB have been working with school nurses to collect additional information such as skinfold thickness in Reception Year and Year 3.

We have also been working to develop culturally appropriate interventions to prevent obesity and improve the health of children in Bradford, such as a trial of using standing desks in schools, and by working with Islamic Religious Settings.  Please contact Dr Sally Barber |